How to Enable Run Command on Windows Vista

Some of my blog readers and my friends are asking where they could find the run command window on their Vista machine that are visible and can easily access to from Microsoft OS version except for Vista. I told them that it is not necessary because the Vista start menu search has also the same function as run command. The reason why they like the old style run dialog is that they are use to it and it saved the history of what they had typed in.

There are two easy way to launch run command dialog. One is by hitting Win+R and second is enabling it by customizing  the start menu properties.

Here’s how you can customize your Start Menu:

Right click on your Vista Orb then select properties:

Under the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties click on the Customize button, It will bring you to this window


Put a check on the “Run Command” checkbox. Click OK


The “Run…” button should now appear on your Vista Start Menu.