How to Find a Reliable Hosting

webhost1One factor that separates a good and reliable hosting from the rest of the pack is it’s server reliability and great customer support. Almost all the web hosting companies promises a 99% uptime on their server and they have the best customer assistance but do they really delivers what they advertise? I bet they not. A reliable web host will make sure that your site is up 24/7 or even if something fails and your site goes down the web host can provide you the proper support and your site will go up again in just a matter of hours or even minutes.

It’s very important to a have reliable hosting especially for business and marketing sites an hour of failed site can be a thousand dollar loss. But how do we know if a certain web host is reliable and has a good customer support? well there are several ways to do that…

  • Read reviews – Read a lot for reviews before you purchase a web hosting services. Read lots of real customer feedbacks. Knowing the customer feedback is very important because they are the ones that experienced their services. Web hosting reviews are all over the internet, most of the web hosting company that are on the top 10 list are mostly reliable.
  • Track Uptime – Track the hosting uptime using a third party system, there are various online system that can monitor website uptime and best of all most them are free.
  • Look or ask for a trial period – Always go with the web hosting that offers a trial period or web host that offers money back guarantee then track your own website uptime before their offer ends. If you found that their service is incompetent you can easily walk away with a full refund. Having your first hand experience is the best way to test if their server is reliable.
  • Ask Questions – One better way to know if they are reliable is through their support because there are lots of web hosting company that have poor customer support and thats a big problem if you want to clarify something, asking for technical assistance and you can’t reach them or it took days to reply, If a web host company has good customer support it will be more likely that they have a reliable service. Ask questions regarding their services, Ask questions on technical issues, post topics on their forum, Reach through their live chat (not all have live chat, most reputable web host has live chat for real time integration). Know everything before availing their services.
  • Choose wisely – If you are dealing with an unfamiliar hosting company my advice is not to pay an upfront for more than six months. I’m not saying that new web hosts are not good or reliable besides all of them starts from scratch and being new. however, being careful and choosing wisely is the best thing to do to avoid a lousy hosting.