How To fix “Cannot Open Drive With Double Click”

I have a friend who came to me because he was having a problem opening the Drive D: partition. Whenever he does,  a dialog box pop up with “Open with ” message. Basically, the problem is the computer cannot open drive with double click.

This kind of problem is usually caused by virus that infects Windows XP system. This virus usually create a file named autorun.inf in the root directory which blocks and restrict access to drives. When you open any drive, this file initiate all the activities of the virus.  The said autorun.inf file is a read only file and usually hidden. The virus also disable system file and folder option to protect itself. The way to fix this is to delete the file and restart your system.

How to delete autorun.inf

1. Click on StartRun and type cmd

2. Type D: or E: and press enter or whatever problematic driver you want to fix.

3. Type cd\ (This command will help you switch to the root directory)

4. Type attrib -r -h -s autorun.inf (This will remove the read only (r), system file (s) and hidden (h) attribute of autorun.inf file)

5. Type del autorun.inf (This will remove the file)

6. Restart your computer and headaches will go away.