How To Fix Canon MP258 Error 5200

Canon Printer MP258 Error number 5200 or P07 usually occurs when your cartridge is dealing with temperature issues. Your cartridge maybe too cold because of rare usage or too hot because continues usage. This type of errors normally makes the MP258 owners jump out of their seats and bring their printer to service center causing them a lot of money for just a simple repair. Luckily for you you won’t need bring your printer to a repairman or throw your printer, I have here a simple yet effective way of resolving this problem.

Ways To Easily Fix Canon MP258 Error 5200

  • Turn Off your Printer
  • Remove the Cartridge
  • Refill the cartridge or clean the cartridge
  • Reinstall the cartridge
  • Turn ON your printer

If it doesn’t the problem, follow the steps here on how to reset your Canon MP258 printer