How To fix Gmail Unable to Change View to Cozy or Comfortable Display Density

gmail display densityI am not sure if any of you experienced being stuck in Gmail Compact mode, but if you have reached this post via searched, most probably you did. This problem is known as Gmail Display Density Problem. It may sound scary and you may question yourself, is your Gmail being hacked or did you do anything with you settings? (Ok, I’ll let you think)

Done thinking?

Truth is, you dont have to worry about anything. Nothing is wrong with your Gmail account and nothing is wrong with your memory, your Gmail is just on Compact mode. Gmail compact mode can be really difficult to use for some, because the messages are too close to each other. Normally, Gmail is on Comfortable Density Settings which is friendly to the eyes because of the good spacing of messages. But for some reasons, your account may automatically switch to other mode.

How To Fix Gmail Display Density Problem

You don’t have to contact the IT guy next to your home or even contact Google. All you need to do is logout on your Gmail account, clear your browser cache, then log back in. Doing this will allow you to switch to your preferred display density.

How To Clear Browser Cache on Firefox

  • On the Menu bar click on Tools
  • Click on Clear Recent History

clear firefox browser cache

  • The Clear History window will pop up, click on Clear Now

How To Clear Browser Cache on Chrome

  • Click on the Wrench tool found on the upper right are of your Chrome
  • Click on Tools then select Clear browsing data…

clear chrome browser cache

  • Click on Clear browsing data button

How To Clear Browser Cache on Internet Explorer

  • On the Menu bar click on Tools
  • Click on Delete Browsing History

clear IE browser cache

  • Click Delete