How to fix missing file WTSAPI32.DLL

I’ve just recently ask to setup a network connection on 3 computers. All went fine not but until I was going to setup the 3rd PC. I could not open the network Network Setup Wizard and even Network Connections control panel and the other computers wasn’t able to see  the third computer on the network as well as it’s shared files.

The first thing that I did was I checked the computers if they are using the same workgroup and if they had different computer names, and they were ok. After that I tried to get the computer’s IP information using the command IPCONFIG /ALL. Unfortunately I was presented with a message stating the command could not run because of a missing file called WTSAPI32.DLL – This DLL file is part of Windows Terminal Server and contains application programming interface (API) calls used by terminal services. Below are the things that I did to solve the problem

Run System File Checker to check for any missing windows files on the computer:

  • Insert your Windows XP CD in the CD-ROM Drive and close any autorun screen from Windows XP that may pop up.
  • Click on Start, Run
  • Type SFC /SCANNOW and press Enter to start the System File Checker for Windows XP – The SFC /SCANNOW command will scan your computer and will check if there are any missing system files, If any system files are missing, the program will reinstall the missing files from the Windows XP CD you placed in the CD Drive.

After the system file checker finish replacing files and then rebooting, I still wasn’t succcessful and it still complains about the missing WTSAPI32.DLL file

After the unsuccessful try I decided to restore WTSAPI32.DLL manually. Here are steps to manually restore WTSAPI32.DLL.

  • Insert your Windows XP CD in the CD-ROM Drive and close any autorun screen from Windows XP that may pop up.
  • Click on Start, Run
  • Open the command prompt by typing CMD
  • Type the following command to replace the dll file, If you have different CD/DVD drive substitute the correct drive letter for your CD/DVD ROM drive. In this case replace the D drive letter with the letter corresponding to your CD/DVD drive where the Windows XP CD is located. Press Enter after typing the command.


  • You should see a screen showing the file being expanded and replaced.
  • Close the command prompt, Type EXIT and Press Enter
  • Restart your computer

After manually restoring the file I was able to open Network Connection icon in the Control Panel, I can also run the Network Setup Wizard, and the computers could see each other again, and I was able to share files and printer and everything work correctly.