How to Fix The Blank Title Bar in Internet Explorer 9

I just upgraded my browser to Internet Explorer 9 because I want to test and feel for myself if  the new Internet Explorer 9 is really faster over the past previous version of Internet Explorer, to Chrome and Opera as advertised. The new Internet explorer didn’t disappoint me it really seams faster, more streamlined and it provided a really good improvement from the past versions. I’m not really a fan of Internet Explorer browser, I am Mozilla Firefox user but Internet Explorer 9 version is a exception.

Another change you will surely notice is the look, It now has a more cleaner look. Simplified yet enhanced. You will also notice that the title bar is now blank, it is the bar where you see the title of the website you are viewing. For me it’s not a big deal because I am using Firefox and Chrome as my browser and they don’t have a title bar.  But it’s a big issue to some users that are accustomed to seeing the website name on top of their screen.

Well, if you want to restore the old title bar in Internet Explorer 9 just follow the steps below to restore the Classic Theme in Vista or Windows 7 and fix the missing title bar in IE9.

  1. Right click anywhere in a blank area on your Windows desktop
  2. Click on Personalize
  3. Click on Theme
  4. Change the Theme to Windows Classic  and click OK
  5. Open your Internet Explorer 9  and your title bar should now be visible with the title of the web page showing at the top of the screen.