How to Fix Windows Security Reporting Antivirus Programs

My friend recently uninstalled his two previous antivirus (McAfee and Norton). He said that after he completely uninstalled both AV’s, His Windows Security Center still reported that those programs are still installed on his machine.

What I did first was to check if there is anything running on the background but could not find any traces of any of the programs.

It seems that the issue is with the WFI repository folder is fully deleted or not fully uninstalled.

Here are steps I did to help him solve the issue.

1. Right-click on My Computer

2. Click on Manage

3. Click on the plus sign(+) next to Services and Applications in the left-hand column

computer management4. Click on Services

5. Find the service called Windows Management Instrumentation, right-click on it, and choose Stop.

6. Open My Computer

7. Double-click on your C: Drive

8. Double-click on the Windows folder

9. Double-click on System32

10. Double-click on WBEM

11. Right-click on the Repository folder and click Delete and remove it

12. Close your My Computer windows and return to the Windows services screen using steps 1 – 4 shown above

13. Rebuild the repository service information by finding the Windows Management Instrumentation, right click on it then choose restart.

14. Restart your computer