How to get SmartBRO Canopy IP Address

If you’ve been wondering if you can access and tweak you Smartbro Canopy to change its settings or fix your connection, then you’re reading the right article. One of the better ways to do it is by knowing your canopy’s IP address. If you don’t know how to do it, then follow these step.

Remember that every new smartbro subscriber has canopy address

1. First, you need to go to your network connections. You can find it in the control panel
2. Next, right click on the local area network
3. Highlight Internet Protocol then click on properties
4. You have to set the  IP address to  “” then set the subnet to “”
5. No need to type anything to gateway and DNS. Just leave them blank.

6. Next, apply the changes you have made then go to the command prompt and type the command prompt c:\arp -a

*arp -aDisplays current ARP entries by interrogating the current protocol data. If inet_addr is specified, the IP and Physical addresses for only the specified computer are displayed. If more than one network interface uses ARP, entries for each ARP table are displayed.

7. It will then dispaly several IP address

the example above shows that the canopy IP address is

8. Once you have your canopy’s IP address, open your browser (Mozilla Firefox works well for me).

9. At the address bar, type the IP address that you got. This will give you access to the smartbro admin site.

After you get the IP address of your canopy, open your browser (I prefer Mozilla Firefox)
10. Type the IP address at the address bar to get access to the smartbro admin site.

After you gain access to your smartbro admin site you can now be able to tweak some settings and troubleshoot connections.



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