How to Hide Files using Image


Do you wonder how you can easily hide your files without using any softwares that no one will be able to detect it? This is not your ordinary “invisible trick”. This trick will hide your file inside a image. Impossible?… follow this simple procedure to know how.


Winrar program and a computer 😀

1.  First, compress your files using Winrar

2. Look for your desired image where you will hide your files.

3. Launch your command line window by going into start –> Run then type CMD

4. On your your command prompt assuming that your files and image is on drive C:, type the following command.

C:\copy /b image.jpg + file.rar new.jpg

This will concatenate or join the file and image into a new file (new.jpg). It will also merged the size of the image and the file.

Now, how you can access your files. To access your files just simply open it (new.jpg) on your Winrar program and it will show all your hidden files.

Congratulations your files are now perfectly safe and hidden.