How to Increase simultaneous downloads in Internet Explorer 7

By default Internet Explorer 7 will only allow users to download 2 simultaneous files at the same time. This is very inconvenient for those users like me that normally download a lot on the Internet. Although I’m a Firefox user, on some occasions I sometimes use IE and having this limitations is very inconvenient and pretty annoying sometimes. A very simple registry tweak can easily remove this limitation. but before anything else it is more advisable to backup first your registry.

1. Click on the Vista Orb, type regedit on the Search Bar.

2. Navigate to following keys

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings

3. Create a new Dword (32bit) . name it MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server


4. Modify the entry and give it a value of 5. ( you can give it a value to your preferred value)


5. Create another Dword 32 bit value entry, name it MaxConnectionsPerServer and give it a value the same as the one you specified on the first entry, on my example I gave it a value of 5 so I will also give this second entry a 5 value.

6. Restart your Internet Explorer and you should be able to have more than 2 simultaneous downloads on your Internet Explorer.