How To Increase Your Printer’s Lifespan

printerA normal inkjet printer usually last for about 3 to 4 years before it finally retires, but laser printers generally last a few years longer. But no matter what kind of printer you have or how much longer a printer usually lives if you don’t take all the necessary maintenance you will end up replacing your printer every month. I have here some few tips that will help you maintain your printer in tip top shape for as long as possible.

  • Do not force out the paper in case of paper jam. If you force the paper out, that may not only cause damage to your printer but it can also leave bits of torn paper inside which will definitely cause harm later on. To safely remove the paper out, most printers have a hatch at their back that you can easily removed. Once removed, you will be able to gain access on your printers paper wheels there you will see the jammed paper and you can easily get it out without harming your printer.
  • Turn off your printer when not in use and avoid from shutting it down improperly. This will help your printer to function at an optimum level. Don’t turn your printer off if you are in a middle of something. Remember to use the printer’s power button and then remove the plug if need be
  • Avoid using cheap ink cartridges or cheap toners. Sometimes we are tempted to use either a refilled ink cartridges or compatible cartridges because of their price difference. An original inkjet usually cost at around $30 but a refilled ink normally cost at around $5, Very tempting isn’t it? Those refilled and compatible cartridges may have perform the same function as the original but it would not definitely last long and it can also affect the performance of your printer.

The lifespan of your printer depends on durability of the machine, how much you use it and how well you maintain it. I’m not saying that if you properly take care of your printer it will last forever, as we all know printers like any other machines will eventually fail, but if you do it may be it will last as nearly as forever. Take good care of your printer and it will take care of you, for a much longer time. The monthly duty cycle indicates the maximum number of pages the printer is designed to produce. Buying a printer that has a duty cycle that is two to three times your expected print volume will help ensure its longevity as well.

Lifespan of ink cartridges depends on how often you use and how much you print. Light users might replace their ink two or three times a year, while heavier users may go through cartridges every few months. Me, I replaced my cartridge every 3 to 4 months depending on the printing volume. If you let you printer and cartridge unuse for several months it will dry out as well. You can consult your printer manufacturer to know how many pages your printer can print before it will fail.

Take care of your printer and maybe you will be surprised that your printer is growing old with you 🙂

Happy Printing 🙂