How to individually remove typed URL’s

Everytime you type an address on every browser the URL history is automatically saved. These are very helpful to easily access the previously visited sites. But what if while you were surfing on the internet looking at things you suddenly stumbled a site you should not have been looking or you visited a site you don’t want any of your family members or friends to know that you visited such sites. The quick answer is “clear all private data”. yes that will work but then again what if you just want to remove a specific url, here are the steps to do that.

How to remove URL history on Internet Explorer

Removing typed URL’s on Internet Explorer requires Registry editing. Before editing your registry I strongly advice to first Backup your registry

  • Click on Start, Run
  • Type REGEDIT and press Enter or Click OK
  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/TypedURLs

  • On the right column right click on the url that you want to remove then click delete
  • Open Internet Explorer and check if the unwanted URL’s are successfully removed.

How to remove URL history on Mozilla Firefox

Removing typed URL’s in Firefox is a walk in the park. Simply drop down the address bar list and highlight the unwanted URL. Then press CTRL-DELETE on the keyboard to delete the individual unwanted address.

Removing histories is also important so no one can track your computer usages and all other proof of where you were..