How To Install Windows Fonts Using A Shortcut

With my previous post, I have shared the steps on how to install windows font, the common way. But this time, I will share a more advance process that will enable you to install Windows font using a shortcut.

This procedure can be really helpful if you are running out of space for your partition C: but has plenty of space with your other partition. You may think twice to add new fonts to your Windows font folder, because the Partition C: that is containing it is almost full. Is there a way to install fonts without having to copy them in your Windows fonts folder?

The answer is yes, and this is a simple trick you can follow to do that.

3 Easy Steps On How To Install Windows Fonts Using A Shortcut

1. Open your Windows Fonts folder then click on Font settings.

2. On the Font settings window put a check on “Allow fonts to be installed using a shortcut (advanced)“.

3. Now, double click a font that has not been installed, You will notice a new option “Use shortcut

If you use this option it will create a link to your Windows folder instead of copying the fonts to your Windows fonts folder.