How to Keep your PC Neat and Tidy

clean_computerA clean PC is a happy PC and a happy PC is a happy computer user. Do you know that dust can slow down your PC? Accumulations of dust, dirt, smoke can cause a lot of problems from a simple PC slowdown to a full system crash or to much worse burned hardware components. Last November I posted how dust can can slowdown your PC and some PC cleaning tips, this time I will provide the step by step procedure to keep your computer neat and tidy and make your computer happy.

1. Get all the right tools. Your PC needs a special cleaning tools. Always remember the supreme rule of cleaning your PC “Never apply cleanings solutions directly to your computer”.

Here are the things you need to clean your PC:

  • Canned air: A PC janitor’s best friend. It can go where brushes and wipes can’t reach.
  • Contact cleaning solution: A special solution to help you remove dust, grime, and corrosion from the metal contacts on your expansion cards.
  • Handheld vacuum cleaner: A really PC saver in a dusty environment.
  • Lint-free wipes and swabs: A specialized wipes that won’t leave unwanted residue like the usual rags and paper towels do.
  • PC cleaning solution: A safe solution that you can use for cleaning the interior part of your computer like circuit boards.
  • Brushes: Very useful for cleaning hard to reach areas of your computer.

2. Clean your case. Clog air vents can cause overheating, which literally can kill your precious computer. Clean any obstructions on all the openings of your computer especially the vent of your power supply using lint-free rag or compressed air. When spraying air, try not to blow the dust back into the case.

3. Clean your motherboard. Try to remove the dust on your motherboard using a small vacuum cleaner or blowout any dust using a compressed air. Remember to remove the dust from the case and not just relocate it. Wipe the surface with a lint-free rag or swab.

4. Clean your mouse. (this is for those who still use mouse with ball). Those types of mouse can accumulate lots of dust and can result to a jumpy cursor. You can fix this by just a quick mouse cleaning. Open the circular cover of your mouse and remove the ball. Scrape any grime from each of the guide wheels in the cavity. Rub the mouse ball with a cloth to remove any oil or grime.

5. Clean your keyboard. Use a compressed air to remove dust between keys. Wipe the surfaces with a smooth rag with a computer cleaning solution.

6. Clean your monitor. Monitors are dust magnets. Clean it by wiping dust from the screen using a damp soft rag. If you will use any cleaning solution to remove any dirt that are stuck on your screen, make sure that your monitor has no special coatings that can be damage by your cleaning solution.

If you own a laptop, follow my previous post on how to clean your laptop.