How to Keep Your Printers Clean

printer-cleanAs we all know, all device requires maintenance.  Some requires more while others less. Printers of any kind, requires the same… and actually it belongs to more type.  One malfunctioning part will cause trouble for the whole performance. Cleaning your printer regularly will save you from headache.  Different printers require different cleaning process.  But there are some process that you can consider following to prolong your printer’s life, no matter what the type.

Preventative Care of Your Printer

Preventive maintenance is one of the best way to care for your printer. This will save further trouble and will prolong the life of each part.

The printer head is one of the most important part of the printer. You must always keep it clean. If a printer will not or has not been used for some time, you should clean the printer head to avoid clogging and ink dry up. Clogging can result to poor quality of printing or permanent damage to the printer.  To clean your printer head, gently wipe it with a dry cloth.  Wipe gently all the possible area that you can reach. Avoid using hard brush as it may damage the head. Regular cleaning can prevent dust build up and may help you clean it more easily.

You should also always run the self-cleaning process of your printer. Most printers have it now and this saves you a lot of time in manually cleaning your printer. But for those who owns a printer without self cleaning feature…sad to say, your printer requires more attention. There are cleaning kit available that you can use in thoroughly cleaning your printer without damaging it.

Self Cleaning process of printers may not always be effective. In this kind of situation, you have no choice but to manually clean the print head. And to do this, you may follow the instructions below.

1.) First, carefully remove the cartridge from the printer.

2.) To soften up and remove the dried ink,  dip a cotton swab in a 20% alcohol mixed with 80% water. Gently wipe down the cartridge.

3.) To remove clogging, soak the print head in hot water  over night. If it’s still clog, you can try soaking it to rubbing alcohol.

4.) Wipe off the print head with a damp paper towel or cloth, and let it dry.

5.) Put it back to the printer,  and run the self-cleaning cycle.

If it  is still clog, it’s either the cartridge is damage already.  You can either buy a new cartridge or you can contact a service technician who can try to repair the damage.