How to Play XP 3D Pinball in Windows Vista


Are you a Vista user who feels like degrading back to Windows XP because some of your favorite Windows XP games like 3D pinball are missing? if you miss the 3D Pinball and if you are really dying to play pinball without degrading to Windows XP… I have here a very simple way that will help Pinball make it through to the Vista world. Just follow these steps and you’re on!

Here are the simple steps to revive Pinball

1.A. If you still have a Windows Xp Machine Go to the Pinball directory “c:/Program Files/Windows NT”. Proceed to step 2.

1.B. If you don’t have a Windows XP computer you can Download Pinball here Proceed to step 2.


2. Copy/Extract the Pinball game folder and paste it to your Windows Vista game folder “C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games”

3. Your done 🙂 … you can now enjoy again the game you love in Windows XP.