How to Protect your Kids Online using OpenDNS


Back in October 2008, 18 and 19 respectively I wrote up an article on how to  Speed up your web browsing with OpenDNS and How safe is your child from the Internet.  This time a post with the combination of those two articles, how you can protect your precious kids online using OpenDNS technology. We all know that you can’t monitor your kids activity online at all times but there are technologies that can help you do that work for you. One of it is OpenDNS. I will show how you can fully use OpenDNS to your advantage especially on the protection of your kids.

OpenDNS gives you the ability to filter out websites that can possibly harm your kids. After setting up your free account you can go to your dashboard and click “Settings” to setup the filtering options.


On your first setup it will ask you first to add a network.


After adding a network, It will then ask you a name for your network. You can name your network to anything that you prefer. On this example I named my network “Home”.


After naming your network you can now setup the content filtering level of your network. You can set the level base on your preferred type of protection or you can choose “Custom” to selectively choose what types of websites you want to block.


If you want to specifically block a certain website you can go to “Manage individual domains” and add the domain that you want to block. You can also get statistic logs which will show you what type of traffic was blocked and other stats to allow you to better filter content.


OpenDNS is one of the great way to protect your kids from any undesirable internet contents but you can also try different web filtering software that can give you peace of mind knowing that your kids are safe while surfing the internet.