How to Protect yourself against Conficker Worm


Conficker is a popular type of worm that spreads and infects other computers through network. This virus inflicts damage on vulnerable Windows system. If it successfully infiltrates your computers it will first try to attack the vulnerability in the Microsoft Server Service. This virus will also attempt to brute force admin password so it can easily and rapidly spread itself across the network. This will also infect all removable drives with an autorun file.

Business are priority target of this virus especially those who do not regularly update their desktops and servers in their networks. Home computers on the other hand are less at risk especially those computers that are protected with a good firewall and often updated.

Conficker is also known as Downup, Downadup and Kido some called it conflicter or conflicker.

Among the things you can do to protect your computers against this damaging virus is to make sure that you have applied the latest Microsoft Conficker patch. Network Administrators can use F-Secure’s Preemptive Blocklist to prevent the worm from accessing the web. And Finally you can disable Autorun to prevent your computer from being automatically attack.

Make sure that you have the latest Microsoft updates. Install a reliable Antivirus and be sure that it is updated regularly. Don’t let your computer with your firewall off.