How To Remove Duplicate or Incorrect Entry on XP Boot Menu

My college friend called me asking for some advice about the computer she inherited from his brother. She said that whenever she boots she is presented with two boot options. She was annoyed that she doesn’t have a choice but to hit the enter key or wait 30 seconds to open Windows.

xp boot menu

This issue has two ways to resolved one is editing the boot.ini or disabling it through the startup and recovery screen. The first option is a bit risky especially for non tech savvy users so we will just tackle the second option which is also the easiest way.

Ok, let’s start. First, right click on My Computer then select properties or go to Start –> Run then type sysdm.cpl.  Either way will both present you the System Properties dialog. Once there go to Advanced then click the settings under Startup and Recovery.


In the Startup and Recovery dialog, make sure the default operating system is correct.  Uncheck the option for “Time to display list of operating systems”, then close the dialog.


The menu should now be gone after you reboot your computer.