How to Remove Windows XP/Vista Focus Rectangle

Have you notice the dotted rectangle your around your icon or made a file selection. This dotted line is better known as focus rectangle. I know what you’re thinking–there’s nothing we can do to remove it. It seems that XP and Vista were born with it. But just like how doctors manage to separate a Siamese  twin, there is a way to get rid of it.


To solve this  problem we will use a small utility called Universal Focus Rectangle Remover. Unfortunately, This tool only works with 32-bit Vista and XP machines.

Installation Process (XP)

1. Download RemoveFocusRect.dll into your System32 directory. It is usually located at this path C:\Windows\System32

2. Click on Start then Run

3. Type in

regsvr32 RemoveFocusRect.dll

4. Restart your computer.

Installation Process (Vista)

1. Do XP installation process Step 1

2. Open your command prompt in administrator mode. you can do this by right clicking the command prompt and selecting “Run as administrator”


3. Type the following command

regsvr32 RemoveFocusRect.dll


4. Restart your computer and the focus rectangle will be gone

Uninstallation Process

To uninstall and bring back the focus rectangle just follow the steps above but you will type in this time

regsvr32 /u RemoveFocusRect.dll

Download Focus Rectangle Remover from

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