How to Rename Multiple Files at Once

This trick will enable you to rename a series of similar files all at once. This is very useful if you have lots of files especially pictures from a digital camera that has unrecognizable names.

Follow this simple procedure to rename several similar files at once without using a special renaming software.

Open the folder containing files that you want to rename.


Select the files you want to rename. If the files you want are not adjacent in the file list, press and hold CTRL, and then click each item to select it or use checkbox to select items. How to enable checkbox to select items.

On the File Menu select rename or right click the selected items and select rename or just simply press F2 to rename.

Type the name you want. I use the name pic for the example below.


Click anywhere and your files will automatically be renamed to the one you specified. All of the files in the series will be named in sequence using the new name you type. Look at the image below,  I use the name pic, the first was named pic  and the subsequent files in the series are named pic (1), pic (2), and so on.