How to Resize Images without losing it’s quality

Normally when you resize a certain image either making it bigger or smaller it loses it’s quality, it’s becomes pixelated and jaggy. Most people say that is not possible or if you want the only way is to get them done professionally. But I found a simpler way to resize images without loosing it’s quality.

Here are the tools that can help you resize your images and still retains it’s quality.


Vector Magic – A free online autotracer service that converts images to vectors so they can be scaled or resized while maintaining it’s quality. All you need to do is to upload your image and they will do the vectoring for you.

Reshade – A online tool that help you resize images maintaining quality,edges and texture. This tool can also deblur images out of focus pictures.


Liquid Resize – A software that resizes your pictures without loosing it’s details. It resize pictures by carving/seam removal.


PhotoZoom – An Image editing that uses a method called S-Spline, which is highly effective in resizing digital images without generating the typical interpolation artifacts. It has a very simple and well organized which makes it easier to use even for non-technical users.