How to run incompatible programs in Vista

The problem that we always have to face when we upgrade our operating system is the incompatibility of some programs especially old programs running on the new system. Just like in Windows XP when it’s first release, there are  lots of applications that are incompatible with the new system. The problem is still the same in Vista, there are still many programs and applications that are incompatible with Windows Vista due to unavailability of drivers and such. When you run a program that is not compatible with Vista you may get a pop-up message stating that you can no longer run this program as some .dll files which are needed to run are not available in system 32. The question is how can you be able to use again your favorite application on Vista?, The answer is you can use Vista’s compatibility feature to address the issue. If you are unable to run a certain application Just Right click the .exe file and select properties. Click compatibility tab (as shown below).

In the drop down menu, choose Windows XP or whichever OS that particular program worked earlier. Make sure you check ‘Run this program as an administrator’. Click Ok and Run the program again. Now you should be able to run the application.