How To Run Multiple GTalk

Some people have multiple Google Talk id’s for whatever reason. I myself has 3 Gtalk accounts, one for friends, clients and the other for testing purposes. But of course we cannot open all our accounts simultaneously. Some people do login their Gmail accounts different browser to be able to use their Gtalk all at once, but that certainly is a hassle. What I have here is a very easy step to run all your Gtalk account simultaneously.

OK, here it is.

1. Right click on your Gtalk Shortcut then click on properties.

2.  Go to Shortcut tab

3. On the target textbox add in the line /nomutex at the end of the line. This line will simply allow you to run multiple instances of Gtalk applications and also be able to login different accounts all at once.

multiple gtalk4. Click on OK

5. That’s it! you can be able to login all your Gtalk accounts on a single computer and all at the same time.