How to Run Multiple Rediff Bol Account

One of my regular blog reader ask if it’s possible to run multiple intances of Rediff Bol messenger. Rediff Bol  is a messenger from India that has similar functionalities as Yahoo Messenger and Gtalk.

I’ve downloaded different versions of Rediff to try and test if it’s really possible luckily I found the way to run multiple accounts of Rediff on a single computer, to do this here are the steps:

Below is the actual screenshot of the three Rediff Bol messenger I opened.


1. Download Rediff Bol 7.0 – will not work on newer versions.

2. After installing, Click on Run as… bol

3. The Run as dialog box will popout. Select current user then press ok

run as

4. Congratulations! you can now use multiple Rediff accounts on a single PC. Just repeat the process to open another account.