How To Save XBOX 360 Game Progress Offline

xbox 360 kinect id setupWe recently purchased XBOX 360 with Kinect just a few weeks ago. To my dismay, I cannot save my progress to some of my games without going online. For some it works fine, but for games like Disney Adventure (No I’m not playing this. This game is for my kids ), Rise of Nightmares, and Your Shape Fitness Evolved (Again, not for me but for my wife), I have to undergo infinite Profile Sign-in loop.

Although at some point I understand why Microsoft  has to do this, but they should also consider that not all people who purchased Xbox 360 and Kinect have stable Internet connection (if ever we all have internet connection). In my case, I do not see why my 8 years old kid would have to be Online to save the progress of her game. And I have no intention, even just for the sake of the game to allow my kids to. I cannot be on guard all the time while they are having fun, so keeping them offline is a security measure I seriously take.

I have searched high and low for solution to this problem. I have scanned almost the whole forum thread of xbox for people who experienced the same dilemma as I do,. I am glad Microsoft already identified the problem and already found the solution.

Here are the steps you need to follow to be able to save your game without internet.

  1. First, restart your console.
  2. Go ahead and sign in to your own profile. (Just in case, you have multiple profiles saved in your console)
  3. Go to settings -> System settings  -> Kinect Settings -> Kinect ID Set up
  4. Follow the instructions in setting Kinect ID.
  5. Once successful, you can save your game progress Offline.
  6. Remember to launch the game using Kinect gestures. Using the controller in the game may lead you to experiencing the same issue again.

(Note: Make sure Kinect recognize you before starting game or you will experience the infinite Profile Sign in loop again. If Kinect can’t recognize you in succeeding games, just go back to Kinect ID set up and update your setting. You will need to undergo the “Move to the green square” procedure again. 😉