How To Show Alexa Ranking in Firefox

alexa sparkyMost people say that the quality of Alexa ranking is somewhat useless. For me Alexa  is still somewhat useful, it allows me get a rough idea on how much traffic a certain site gets. Alexa is also preferred by advertisers so I usually watch my Alexa. As you also can see this site is  ranking poorly compared to other computer or technology sites and blogs, but I sometimes get a spike from stumbleupon so I know  that it will not be long before my time comes :D.

Here is a simple but great Firefox Addon that will allow you view site’s Alexa Ranking. This addon is called Alexa Sparky.

Once installed you will see a new toolbar at the status area. The toolbar includes Alexa rank, meter and trend.


You also have the option to select the things that you want see. I am not using Related Link so I disabled it.

alexa traffic details

If you are blogger or a webmaster you would want to install this addon. Because they say that it will help you boost your ranking if you have this toolbar installed on your Firefox browser. It can be true since you are browsing your own site everyday.

Download Alexa Sparky