How to Solve Your XP Memory Low Problem

A friend of mine reach up to me and ask for some advice on how he can solve his memory low problem on his old Pentium 4 machine. When this problem appears he can’t use his computer, all he can do is close other programs or restart the computer which is very disturbing especially when you are in a middle of an important work.  My first suggestion is to upgrade the RAM but there is a problem… it’s hard to find SDRAM memory sticks and are much more expensive than the latest RAM’s. My next suggestion is to increase the system page file or the virtual memory, and it works wonders for him.

Here is the guide to help you solve your memory low problem.

1. Right click on your computer then select properties

2. Click on the Advanced tab


3. Under Performance, Click on the Settings button


4. Look for the Virtual Memory on the Performance Options  box then click Change


5. Set the Initial and Maximum size of your virtual memory. Set this up according to your Hard drive free space.

6. Click on OK and see the difference.