How To Speed Up Disk Access by Disabling Windows XP Last Access Updating

Do you know that you can speed up disk access in Windows XP by simply disabling the Last Access Updating? Windows XP updates files with the last access update time when they are opened by any application. This feature for me is not entirely useful. Disabling this will not also affect any applications from running smoothly instead this will help you speed up disk access. So it’s safe to disable this.

This will not dramatically speed up your computer but this will definitely help.


Here is the simple registry tweak to disable this.

1. Open your registry editor by going to Start –> Run then typing regedit

2. Navigate down to the following key


disable last update

3.  At the right hand pane, Create a new DWORD value,  named NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate and give it a value of 1.

4. Restart your comptuter for the tweak to take effect.