How To Speed Up Your USB Drive

Tired of having a slow USB 2.0 device but don’t have any 3.0 ports? Using a slow USB 2.0 devices is a pain especially when your are copying large amount of data. To help you ease the pain I will show you how to get a better performance out of your USB 2.0 devices.

Easy Steps To Speed Up Your USB 2.0 Drive

1. Open you My Computer or press Windows key +E

2. Right click on your USB drive then click Properties

3. Go to Hardware tab, select your USB device then click Properties

4. Click on the Change settings button

5. Go to Policies tab, Change the settings from Quick removal (default) to Better performance

6. Click OK and your done.

Note: If you perform this tweak it is now very important to use the Safely remove hardware notification icon before you unplug your USB device  to avoid data loss or corruption.