How to track how much time you spend online with Firefox

How much time do you spend browsing on the internet, reading news, reading and sending mails, stumbling websites? Do you want to keep track on how much you spend browsing the internet using firefox? here is a Firefox extension that will help you do that.


I introduce to you Timetracker. Timetracker is a Firefox extension that will allow you to easily track the time you spend in front of your browser. The clock only start counting when your browser is on focusand automatically pause when your browser is out of focus.


You can also choose if you want to track your browsing usage per day, the last time you reset the timer or the time you installed timetracker. It also gives you the option if you don’t want to display the seconds.

tooltipIt also provides a tooltip that shows the total time you spend browsing since last reset and since installing.

Download Timetracker