How to Troubleshoot a Dead Network Connection

You wake up one beautiful morning and excitingly opened your computer  and launched your favorite browser to check your mails, adsense income, check your website’s traffic or just want to read the latest news or articles and immediately a horrifying “page cannot be displayed” showed on your screen. Wait there don’t scream yet… just calm down… just follow the instructions below so you can narrow down the problem and get yourself back online.

1. Check your Network or DSL router, they  may have a bad or missing information. Powercycle your router and rebuild your routers configuration.

2. Triple check check your network cabling to the computer. Try another cable or test the cable to make sure its working properly.

3. Check your Network card or LAN card and make sure it is working properly. Most of the times setting your network card to 10Mbps/Full Duplex will solve this issue. To do this, open your Control Panel then go to  System then Device Manager. Go to the properties of the Network card, click on the Advanced tab and find the Link Speed and Duplex section. Change it from Auto Detect to 10Mbps/Full Duplex.

4. Check and test on your firewall.  Your firewall could be blocking your your connection. Try to disable your firewall and test the connection.

5. Check your IP address assignments and also your workgroup settings. You may assign static IPs to the computers in your network.

6. Reset your TCP/IP stack. You can use this tool  WinsockXPFix.exe to fix corrupted TCP/IP issues, host file problems and a variety of other connectivity issues.

The next time you encounter this problem don’t panic, don’t scream, don’t scare the neighbors. Just calm down and troubleshoot step by step.