How to troubleshoot Blue Screen of Death – Memory Dump Errors

I guess you are familiar with the Blue Screen of Death. Then maybe you are also familiar with the memory dump error displayed on the blue screen. But what on earth is Memory Dump? Memory dump or more exactly windows stop errors are NT-type issues that are usually caused by hardware problems. These are rather confusing type of errors as windows chooses to display them in a 8-digit hexadecimal format. Which for most of us mean very little. This stop errors are somehow important to avoid further damaging your computer

How can we repair those memory dump or windows stop errors? Unfortunately more than one issue may be the cause of stop errors but here are some few points of things to do in order to solve this type of BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error.

  • Restart your PC. Many stop errors are caused by once-off hardware issues. Sometimes a mere reboot will resolve those.
  • Open your computer chassis and reinsert all modules. If your RAM has creeped out of their sockets, windows may be having trouble writing on it.
  • Remove all recently added hardware and see if the issue does not go away.
  • Investigate whether similar errors have occurred in the past. You can do it by going to your event viewer (this is done by going to control panel, administrative tool, event viewer).
  • Clean up your registry. If there is a drivers conflict, a registry clean up may easily pick this type of error.
  • Update your device drivers. I suggest, as far as possible that you get all your drivers directly from the device vendor, rather than downloading from third party sites. In fact these may cause compatibility issues of their own.
  • Go to registry error forum and read posts from users who have experienced a similar type of error. A good way of doing it is to run a search using the specific stop error as keyword.