How to Use Email Fax

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Email fax refers to using the internet to send and receive faxes in a format similar to email. It is also known as online fax or internet fax. There are several email fax services that provide users with an online account to manage incoming and outgoing faxes.

Email fax services is a great solution for everyone. It can be used by individuals and by businesses because there are a variety of plans that cater to every type of faxing need. To get started you don´t need anything complicated, simply with a computer and internet connection you are ready to get started.

The best way to get started is by taking advantage of free 30 day trials that are often offered by the leading email fax services and on several internet fax review sites as well. You don’t need any special skills or software to start your free trial or to sign-up. All that is needed are two basic things, a computer and an internet connection.

Your online faxing account is activated instantly, there are no waiting periods, everything is very simple from the beginning. To begin using your account simply login and you will see an easy-to-use dashboard. Simple click on “send fax” and follow the steps. Sending a fax via email is very similar to sending a regular email. Place the fax number, attach any documents, include a message or cover page and click send!

No busy signals, no paper jams and you save more paper and ink because you no longer have to print out documents to feed them through a fax machine! Receiving a fax is just as easy and some services even give you the option of receiving a notification via SMS to your cell phone every time you receive a new fax. This way no matter where you are you always have access to your incoming and outgoing faxes because you can send and receive faxes via any computer with internet connection as well as via cell phone.