How to use Notepad as a Simple Electronic Diary

I love to use notepad. I am using notepad as my electronic diary. It’s very simple, easy to use and loads fast. Aside from bookmarking sites that I found interesting I also put the links on my notepad. When I read a good line or quote I also save it to my notepad. You can also find some of my contacts on a notepad.

To make it more organize I placed the time and date on every entry. But instead of entering the time and date manually or pressing F5 I use the .LOG function of notepad to automate the insertion of Time and Date. How to do this? Follow these very easy steps.

1. Open notepad

2. On the first line type “.LOG” (without the quote)

3. Save your file

4. Open the file you saved and it will automatically insert the current time an date.