How to Use Xbox Music on Windows 8

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windows-8-xbox-musicWindows 8 operating system from Microsoft has been doing the rounds in the technology markets around the world. Launched in October 2012, Windows 8 caters to the booming touch-friendly device market, especially desktops, laptops and high-end tablets & hybrids. Incorporating advanced technologies like NFC, USB 3.0, cloud computing and ARM-based architectures, the revolutionary operating system has it all to serve the current crop of advanced devices and systems. Since launch, the Windows 8 mobile operating system has sold over 60 million licenses. By far, Windows 8 is the best operating system that Microsoft has ever developed.

The highlight of the operating system is its innovative features that support a variety of physical keyboard and touch-friendly devices. There are many one-of-a-kind features such as charms, tiles, live USB, advanced formatting options, access to Windows store apps, and more. Windows Store brings about the same functionalities enjoyed with an Android or an iOS device. These apps can also seamlessly integrate with built-in software and applications. Of the many apps available on Windows Store, Xbox Music app is available as a default app on Windows 8.

Xbox Music

Developed by Microsoft, Xbox Music is a music service that enables users to stream desired music content on a subscription basis or direct purchase. Initially launched to cater to Xbox users, the music service was made available to all Windows 8 and Windows RT users. The service replaces Microsoft’s popular Zune brand of music services. Xbox Music rivals other popular music streaming services such as iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Spotify. As of the end of 2012, the Xbox Music marketplace housed close to 30 million music tracks with 30 second previews available for all songs. The service is available for free in around 15 countries and available as a subscription only service in around 22 countries.

Using Xbox Music on Windows 8

Similar to the likes of Spotify and Pandora, Xbox Music can stream songs and play desired radio services. The digital music streaming service comes as a persuasive option in the crowded digital music arena, especially if you are using Windows 8. The service integrates seamlessly on devices and systems that are powered by Windows 8, as it is the default music playback option. The highlight feature of the service is that enables users to stream a library of music tracks for free and at affordable subscription-based plans. Find below an elaborate explanation on how to get started with Xbox Music on your Windows 8 device.

To get started with Xbox Music on Windows 8, swipe on the Xbox Music tile on the Windows 8 start screen. The functionality would require you to sign in with your Microsoft account. That’s all that you are required to do to stream favorite music albums on demand and start enjoying your desired tracks right away. You just have to enter the artist name to listen to your favorite music track, for this purpose click the ‘play an artist’ option. Once you do this, a default selection of tracks sung by that artist will start playing right away. To play selective tracks from albums, you will have to click the ‘All Music’ option or ‘Top Music’ option to browse through the library of titles. For this purpose, you can also use the following shortcut key (Win Key + Q) to do a quick search.

Once you filter the favorite track or album, you can include it in an existing playlist or create a new playlist with the song. You can use the control bar that appears at the end of your screen, which provides the option ‘add the track or album to a playlist’. Furthermore you can also personalize your playlists with the My Music option. When you reach a track or a song that you like, you can use to the option ‘add to my music’ for personalization.

You can make the most of the ‘Smart DJ’ feature that brings about desired radio services, one that is similar to Spotify and Pandora. For this purpose, you just have to click the Smart DJ option and enter an artist name. The service immediately searches for tracks sung by that artist and plays them right away. In addition, users can also add the Smart DJ feature to the My Music option to enjoy complete personalization. The only drawback with Smart DJ is that it does not have rating or review system, so you have check them out on a per track basis.

To include your own composition or specific tracks to My Music, click on the Windows Explorer and copy paste your favorite tracks to ‘My Music’. When you sign into Xbox Music the next time, you will be able to see your files included in My Music.

The bottom line is that with Xbox Music you can manage, stream, personalize and edit your music content on Windows 8, and it is an apt inclusion too.

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