iPad 2 vs Kindle 4 – Which Will You Choose?

There was certainly a lot of hot gadgets launched in 2010 and it looks like 2011 could well be the year of followups to 2010’s greatest hits. Surely the biggest new gadget on the market was the iPad, an amazing technological innovation from Apple that redefined a market. There was also the Kindle’s latest version to contend with. It shot eBooks closer still to the mainstream and Amazon’s dream of doing with eBooks what the iPod did for music inches closer. The question is what does 2011 bring for these titans of the technology world. Let’s take a look.

iPad 2 Possible Features
The iPad’s large crystal clear touch screen is it’s major selling point. However, since the launch of other versions of tablet computers by electronics manufacturers looking to play catch up with Apple, many consumers have expressed a liking for a marginally smaller screen. 7 inches seems to be the optimum that allows a good size for watching movies or surfing the web but doesn’t make the thing too damn big to carry around. It seems that Apple may or may not be going down the route of offering an iPad mini, surely that is what the iPhone is for. No matter what is likely to happen, the iPad 2 is sure to feature a front facing camera with Apple’s continued foray in to the face-to-face video call software facetime. Other features likely to exist are improved speed and memory options as well as a retina display as has been seen on the iPhone 4.

The Amazon kindle has really bought the idea of reading eBooks to the mainstream. However, to really make that crossover it will have to offer a better reading experience for people that a conventional book. This could well be wear Amazon focus their attention for the Kindle 4. The latest kindle certainly sets the bar of eBook readers with a great price point and amazing e-Ink technology to make reading a book on the device more natural that ever. The big question is weather they will resist the temptation to offer more features on the device such as color and web surfing. With many print magazines now offering online versions then color may be the way to go, but if they offer too many features they will find it hard to keep their low price point to try and break in to the mainstream.

Whatever features these two great titans of technology opt for in the coming months, we the consumer are sure to be in for a treat with many more great devices to get our hands on.