Is Windows 8 For Everyone?

Windows-8-logoNow that Windows 8 is here, and everyone is going gaga over it, how are you getting on? Are you ready to jump on the bandwagon?

Surely, Microsoft did a great job with Windows 8 because of its amazing features, but just like with any other innovation, the question that keeps the tide under control is this: Is Windows 8 for everyone?

The truth is, as long as your computer have the minimum requirements, you can hop in and join the club. But to fully enjoy the full features that Windows 8 offer, you must also dream of having touch screen PC.

Yes, Windows 8 allows you to enjoy touch screen touch screen experience if your PC allows it.  Touch screen feature allows you to interact with your computer in a faster and more intuitive way. It can be a brand new experience for most of us, but I assure you that suing a touch screen PC has its own pros and cons.

Windows 8 have advance features compared to previous Windows version that we already discussed in the topic  Awesome New Change in Windows 8. But the question still remains if Windows 8 is for everyone.

The answer is on a case to case basis. If you have advance type of computer like touch screen laptop or pc, you will see the huge difference and experience Windows 8 in a way far better than the others. but if you just have computer that only has the minimum requirement  for Windows 8 usage, you may consider going back to Windows 7 or other versions that you are using. Its more like viewing the screen of your smart phone or tablet while using the old school mouse and keyboard. (All in the box, eyt?)  Some find using it a bit confusing while others enjoy the new features. Other than that, Windows 8 loads and reboot your PC faster compared to previous versions, but there are software that you might have enjoyed using before that is not compatible to Windows 8 (Duh!)

So again, you have to decide whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages based on your needs and lifestyle.