Issues with Cloud Computing and Online Security

Cloud-ComputingLike a thief in the night, cloud computing has crept in and changed the way we interact as human beings.

Ok, maybe “a thief in the night” is a bit dramatic…

But in just a few short years, most of what we do online relies on cloud computing in some form. From Youtube to social networking, web-based email and map applications, cloud computing has become a part of our every day lives. However, in our scurry to become more efficient and better connected, some fear that we may have neglected to adequately develop in one crucial area– online security.

Online security has always been a concern for consumers since online shopping took off in late 90’s. Companies responded with advanced encryption methods and safe transaction guarantees. For the most part, it worked! Very few people still worry that their credit card info will be stolen when they buy something from Amazon or Ebay.

The security of online transactions needed to be protected in order for online retailers to be successful, so they did what they needed to do.

But there is another type of online security issue that has come to the forefront in recent years. The fact of the matter is that privacy and data ownership are harder to guarantee in a cloud computing environment. Many prominent search engines and social networking sites have recently come under scrutiny regarding their policies. Consumers used to be concerned about hackers who could steal their information, but some people are now shifting their eyes to the companies they’ve already given it to willingly.

This is because the internet is a very new tool. Humanity has become dependent upon it in little more than a decade! So there just isn’t much regulation dictating what information these companies can collect and store.

We, as consumers, must keep this in mind as we forge deeper into the realm of internet technology. As our offline lives become more and more intertwined with what we do on the internet, online security may become one of the most important social issues of this generation.

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