Leaked Photo of iPhone 5S Front Panel Show New Sensor Array

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iPhone 5s leak photoYou must have realized how the pieces of the Apple iPhone 5S have been leaking quite a lot of late and this is an indication that the device is soon hitting the market. The latest leak that appeared with the panel of this next generation iPhone actually came from a Foxconn subcontractor assembly line giving the details of the new sensor for the device.

It is not very clear if those photos were actually genuine as they even had the workers sleeping on the job and they were not even wearing the masks as they were on the job.

However, there is a very high possibility that the photos are actually the ones of the next generation iPhone as they are similar to the ones that leaked previously and were showing some details about the device. There are great similarities of these latest photos and the previous leakages to make anyone believe that they portray the same device that is being talked about and that is the next generation iPhone 5S.

Different arrangements of the sensors in the photos

Those leaked photos even though it is not clear if they are real photos are actually showing different arrangement for the sensors around the earpiece.

Comparing this latest leak with the previous leaks, this next generation iPhone 5S front facing camera appears in the same position as the ones that were in the previous leaks but it is using a different ribbon cable.

Another thing that is also the same is the hole for its screen which appears to be in the same position as the ones in the previous leaks and this nullifies the rumors that this next generation iPhone will be packed with larger display than the current iPhone.

The leaked photo however was black and its black panel could not give any information concerning the other color options or the lower-end iPhone model for this next generation iPhone Smartphone.

Low-end iphone might launch before the iPhone 5S

According to some analysts, the low-end iPhone is speculated to have a high possibility of launching before the long awaited iPhone 5S which is the next generation iPhone. It is not clear if the next generation iPhone will be in the WWDC that is actually taking place today.

Details concerning this will be given depending on what the Apple has to say during the event that is taking place at the moment.

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