My Files are back! – How to recover deleted files


From grave to life… my files are back! Unbelievable? Here how it goes…

My  Compaq laptop had a very serious problem these past few days. We were about to watch movie so I shut it down the way it should be… then when I opened it again… I can no longer access everything; Files deleted, Master Boot Record has been damaged and Partitions were also damaged.

I know that even the files are deleted intentional or accidental, hard disk formatted or  Partition structures are damaged or deleted… there is still a possibility to recover the files. How? Fact is, deleted and lost data isn’t really gone, its just been hidden.  Only the index that is pointing to your file’s actual location on your primary hard drive  is what’s lost, not your file. There is a chance to recover it. using the right software. 🙂

Of course finding the right software isn’t easy. I have tried every possible way I know to recover the files.  I’ve tried every data recovery tools, partitions recovery tools, mbr repair and live cd… nothing happens. Until I have been left with one option… and that is to use Data Recovery Wizard professional by EASEUS.

This software is really amazing because  it can still recover files even after  deletion from recycle bin, accidental format, hard disk crash and partitioning error.  It works for me and it will work for you too.