New .NET Platforms – Benefits of Components Providers

If you’re building on a new .NET platform, you might want to consider using third party component libraries.  There are many benefits to using these .NET components providers if you are migrating to a new platform, especially if it’s one that neither you nor your developers are familiar with.

Let’s say that you currently have a very complex Windows Forms application that you need to migrate to WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).  Since you have to essentially rewrite everything from scratch, it can be a huge learning curve to do this in a reasonable amount of time.  This is where a third party vendor can really help.

Rewriting something like a high performance WPF datagrid is not a trivial thing.  Just getting one that has already been built and supported by a third party vendor may be the way to go.  It will keep you from having to learn how to build such a datagrid yourself.  It will also save on the development hours required to build something like this.

Just like with any new platform, there is a steep learning curve to go from Windows Forms to WPF or to go from ASP.NET to ASP.NET MVC.  Of course, if you want to use something like Silverlight, it can certainly be a brand new world for you.

There are nuances that will take you a lot of time to discover and know how to work with.  You can reduce that learning curve by finding a partner who is an expert in these new platforms and can build sophisticated controls for you.

If you find the right partner, you can probably even get them to build samples for you to meet your requirements.  In many cases, you can even get them to do this in the evaluation phase to make sure they will meet your needs.