New Top Level Domains Are Coming

domain-nameJust when you thought there wasn’t enough domain names and extensions out there, it’s about to get even busier!

Optimal Hosting reports that a whole new set of top level domains names are getting ready to be released to the public. This good news is that if you ever had a domain name that you always wanted and was already taken in .com, .net and .org form, you can probably snag it up with one of these new domain TLDs.

The new domain names come in a wide variety of angles and depending on the current nature of your business, you may be able to find great value in owning one of them. If you run an online store or have a business in any of these niche markets, you may be able to grab an excellent domain to represent your business.

Some of these new domains will include:

  • .Store
  • .Blog
  • .Home
  • .Movie
  • .App
  • .Music

While the regular .com and .net domain names will probably always be the most sought after of all TLDs, there is hope that these new domains will bring life and interest to marketers in these niches. Obviously if you were able to secure a domain name like “” or “” there would be some nice value to it. Only time will tell if the new domains will catch on.

Either way, with the release of the new domain names there will definitely be a lot of promotion and buzz. You can bet that there will be plenty of web hosting companies coming up with discounted offers and promotions to try and lure in new customers that would like to create a site of their own with the new domain names and the vast amount of words that will be available.

The new domain TLDs will launch later in the year, so be sure to keep your eye open and ready for the influx of news and buying once they are released.