How To Block Porn Sites

porn blocker

As internet becomes a wide source of information not only for adults but also for kids, it has also become a source of fears and worries for parents. Why? Because off-limits areas like porn sites, violence sites and other sites that are suppose to be for adults are easily accessible even by kids in the internet. The question is not ... Read More »

REDitor II – Super Amazing NBA 2K12 Roster Editor

free nba 2k12 roster editor

If there is one thing that you should know about me other than being computer addict, it is I am a huge fan of basketball-both in real life and PC games. That is why I cant stop myself sharing my latest discovery to my fellow NBA video game players – the REDitor II Roster editor by Vlad Zola Jr. My ... Read More »

How To Remove Close Button on Firefox Tabs

The close button on Firefox tab is a very useful feature but it sometimes gets really annoying especially when you have lots of open tabs, it’s hard to jump to other tabs without accidentally clicking the close button. Well, good thing Firefox is very customizable, we can easily turn them off or get it on again if we want with ... Read More »

How To Show Favicons on Google Reader Subscriptions

If you are using Google Reader to read and manage your subscriptions then most probably you noticed the new great feature of Google Reader that lets you enable Favicons (Favicons are  those little icons found in your address bar). If you don’t see any favicons on your subscribed feeds then follow the super easy steps below on how you can ... Read More »

Top 10 iPhone Word Games

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Word games are popular for all age groups. Moreover, iPhone app store holds a wide collection of word games. If you are crazy on games or frequent visitor to game websites in search of best games, then you should really have a look at the list of top 10 iPhone word games. Their titles are truly exciting which you would ... Read More »

How To Install Windows Fonts Using A Shortcut

With my previous post, I have shared the steps on how to install windows font, the common way. But this time, I will share a more advance process that will enable you to install Windows font using a shortcut. This procedure can be really helpful if you are running out of space for your partition C: but has plenty of ... Read More »

How To Install Windows Fonts

If you are a computer geek, you can skip this post. This post is created for beginners who want to learn how to install Windows Fonts. Installing fonts is a simple job, but that’s if–you know how to do it. For beginners who rely to computer technicians to do formatting and software installation, this can mean a complicated task. How ... Read More »

How To Speed Up Your USB Drive

Tired of having a slow USB 2.0 device but don’t have any 3.0 ports? Using a slow USB 2.0 devices is a pain especially when your are copying large amount of data. To help you ease the pain I will show you how to get a better performance out of your USB 2.0 devices. Easy Steps To Speed Up Your ... Read More »

The Importance of UPS System for Computers

If the power goes out, computer equipment must keep running. Even home computers need the time to shut down properly. Damage to devices and data can occur when there is sudden power loss or fluctuation. UPS, or Uninterruptible Power Supplies, provide power for devices in the event of a failure or other electrical problems. Millions of dollars worth of hardware ... Read More »

How To Fix Canon MP258 Error 5200

Canon Printer MP258 Error number 5200 or P07 usually occurs when your cartridge is dealing with temperature issues. Your cartridge maybe too cold because of rare usage or too hot because continues usage. This type of errors normally makes the MP258 owners jump out of their seats and bring their printer to service center causing them a lot of money ... Read More »