Dual Core Mini Laptop Buyers Guide

When you are looking for a computing device that has sufficient power yet costs cheap then you might want to consider getting a dual core mini laptop. These laptops usually have a 10-13 inch sized screen which makes them extremely portable and offers the best performance over their single core counterparts. There are different dual core mini laptop models available ... Read More »

Advances In Web Based Software

The 21st century has seen more and more advances in information technology and for the most part, the business world has welcomed these advances. It is fairly easy to use web based software and it has several advantages, including the fact that it allows a company or business to reach a larger client base and allows various administrative tasks to ... Read More »

Should you buy a HP Netbook?

Are you thinking of buying a HP IT device? What should it be? Should you buy a HP netbook, or should you go for a larger laptop? It actually depends on the way you will be using your device. Find out what you want to do with your new device, and you will know what you should buy. Netbooks are ... Read More »

Steps on Taking Care of Your Laptop Battery

If you have a new laptop computer with you, it always comes with a manual or an instructional guide. You can read from their instructions on how to use your computer; what to do and what to avoid. But sometimes, people tend to neglect to sift through these important pages. Some of the information is very vital to teaching how ... Read More »

10 Weird Gaming Guinness Book Records

I’m a computer gamer myself, my favorites are sports games and RPG, I’m surprise that such record exist especially with the record details. I found out about this when I stumble on Wired Magazine site where they compiled a list of 10 interesting records related to video gaming from the Guinness Book of World Records Gamer’s Edition. Some of them ... Read More »

Will the iPad Be the Best Tablet for Long?

The iPad – as the new kid in the block – has been met with mixed emotions. Some are skeptic while some are excited over its new set of features. At first there were some who thought it would just be an oversized iTouch, and because Apple kept the whole project under wraps for so long – many had no ... Read More »

How to Check your Websites for Malwares Online

Own a website? Are you sure that your website is safe and free from any malware? Malware can cause computers that access your website to become infected with malware and can cause your website to be blocked from visitors. This can cause a significant drop in traffic on your website and hurt your website’s reputation. Here are some online security ... Read More »

How to Find the Top iPad Hard Case Out There

The iPad hard case is something many people are buying to protect their machine. One of the hardest things for people with these machines is determining what hard case to get when protecting it. Whichever one you choose, it is important that you make some sort of investment to keep it safe. If you do not, then a simple drop ... Read More »

How To Make Good Use Of A Netbook Comparison

When looking to buy a netbook, one will surely end up with a dilemma between two products, in the best scenario, and this will be the start of the process of netbook shopping. Therefore the netbook comparison is that customary aspect, which will surely keep one entertained. Comparing netbooks is not an easy task, but one can definitely find many ... Read More »

The Best Laptops Under 500

Major laptop companies are now offering lines of their best laptops under 500, to the benefit of penny-pinching consumers who want the best in quality performance but are not willing to break the bank just for a laptop. Dell, HP, Sony, and Acer produce quality laptops under 500 with some of the best specifications seen in the market so far. ... Read More »