Benefits Of Using A Computer Mobile Workstation

Nowadays, it can be really difficult to deal with a limited space on your desk, where you have to keep all your indispensable items such as computer, monitor, scanner, keyboard and mouse. More than that, most of these items have cables, which could easily turn the organization on your desk into a complete mess. Therefore, purchasing a computer mobile workstation ... Read More »

DVD File Converter Software Made Easy

Some people just can’t resist the urge to tinker with things, and some DVD movie enthusiasts are no exception. While the rest of the world is content to slide a disc into the DVD player and cozy up around the television, these folks are using a software package like the iSkysoft Video Converter to take a movie apart on their ... Read More »

ActiveX Control Errors

The above problem can a little hazy to most people. This can be attributed partly to the name among other factors. It can be said to be caused directly by problems arising from object oriented programming. This kind of programming is rather interesting in the way that it works. A procedure is seized up and divided into several basic steps ... Read More »

Broken Laptop – How To Detect The Problem

Often when a laptop breaks down, we are at a loss how to fix it. Oftentimes we have no idea what the problem is and are kept lurching in the dark. But without knowing what exactly is wrong with the broken laptop, it is difficult to determine whether we should go for the repair or buying an altogether new one ... Read More »

There is Value in Your Broken Laptop

Computer technology changes every 18 months and keeping up with the latest and greatest technology is a challenge. The technology changes so quickly it is difficult for many adults to keep up. Many of them rely on the technical savvy of their children. Americans are beginning to realize many ways to save money. Many are learning to save money by ... Read More »

Windows Desktop Themes

Microsoft Corporation has rolled out the Windows 7 operating system which has come with a lot of themes for use on your desktop. Most of these themes are extremely appealing and you cannot fail to spot one that will suit your personal tastes and preferences. The application of these themes once you have selected one is extremely easy as all ... Read More »

Get Rid Of The Google Redirect Virus

What exactly causes the Google redirect virus? Users are most often infected with this annoying virus after visiting malicious websites with unsecured browsers. What does it do exactly, and how does it hurt the user? The virus essentially hijacks the user’s Google searches and redirects them to another website other than the one you want to visit. Instead of your ... Read More »

Caring for Your Laptop Battery

The era wherein laptops are only considered as the inferior relatives of the desktop computers is long gone. If in the past, the laptop is only used for processing files, storing small amounts of data or doing simple tasks like viewing photos or doing calculations, now it is starkly different. Laptops are now as powerful as or even more powerful ... Read More »

The Magic of the External Laptop Battery

An external laptop battery can be a hero to most people especially the ones that are working overtime with their laptops. This battery works just like the ordinary one, and they give all new life to your laptops but for just a limited time. There are also USB batteries that can add an extra few hours of power to your ... Read More »

Reasons To Buy Desktop Computers

If you are planning to buy a new computer then you have to consider different factors. Where will you use it and in what application you are going to use it. If you are using it your office or home, desktop is good but if you travel a lot, then most probably you should go for laptop. The first thing ... Read More »