Broken Hard Drive – Troubleshooting Faults

Resolving issues relating to a broken hard drive is usually best left to the professionals to solve but there are some checks you can make to see if the issue is software or hardware related first prior to putting in the experts. This article looks at some of the checks you can make. If you’re already aware of the damage ... Read More »

Pocket These Facts about Samsung Galaxy Tab Stands

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At least one Samsung Galaxy Stand can be carried in the pocket of a jacket. Anyone who plans to shop around and check out the various Samsung Galaxy tab stands should pocket the following useful facts. Theses facts can serve as a guide, during selection of the best Galaxy stand for tablet products. Each of the lightweight tablet computers fits ... Read More »

Dropbox – A Great Tool That Let’s You Share Files Easily

Share your files easily using Dropbox! Are you tired attaching and sending your files manually when backing up files or sending files to a friend or co-worker, tired of using a USB device to transfer your files to your computers? Ever wish there was a simpler, faster and of course safest way to do those task? Good thing you are ... Read More »

How To Fix Canon MP145 E16 Error

Back in 2009 I shared to you an article on how you can easily fix E27 error on your Canon Pixma printer. If you are lucky, some errors you will encounter will only require resetting your Canon Pixma printer but on some really bad days your printer will be needing a parts replacement + technician labor which is most of ... Read More »

Toshiba Tecra M 11 – Security, Durability and Performance

Security, durability and performance are offered in another small laptop from Toshiba.  Its good looks are preserved by a textured finish which does not show fingerprints.  Toshiba engineered the Tecra M 11 is a portable business computer.  A goal in which Toshiba was successful.  The Toshiba Tecra M 11 derives its performance from the Intel Core family of processors. A ... Read More »

How to Use Email Fax

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Email fax refers to using the internet to send and receive faxes in a format similar to email. It is also known as online fax or internet fax. There are several email fax services that provide users with an online account to manage incoming and outgoing faxes. Email fax services is a great solution for everyone. It can be used ... Read More »

Choosing the Right Core i3 Laptop

Have you made up your mind into getting a Core i3 laptop? Well then congratulations on your choice. The Core i3 is actually one of the best processors to have for a laptop notebook and it is the entry level processor in the latest family in the Intel lineup, the other two being the mid Core i5 and the high ... Read More »

Why Does Our Business Need Financial Compliance Software?

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The securities industry has a huge amount of laws, rules, and regulations that govern almost every aspect of the business. Sure, there are always those who decide to skirt the laws for their own benefit. In almost every instance, attentive security measures can catch the wrongdoing. Most securities firms place a very high priority on compliance with these regulations, both ... Read More »

Computer Games and their Origin

Computer games began a couple of decades ago using a Cathod Ray Tube as the displayer. There were then a lot of innovations and modification over the next few decades that followed. With minimal access to the computer and the internet, not all those who longed for unblocked games on the computer were able to get hold of it. This ... Read More »

The Importance of Choosing the Best Computer Virus Protection

The importance of choosing the best computer virus protection is at an all-time high in today’s online world. With the accessibility provided by the internet, our computers now face various threats from viruses and other malware that just didn’t exist in the beginning. So, it is absolutely imperative that every online user take the time to install virus protection software ... Read More »