Transform Ordinary Image Into Amazing Art

Want to make a simple image into an astonishing work of art even without the knowledge and talent?  Sounds impossible? Well, think again. I have stumbled a great piece of software that will you a art master in just a matter of few clicks. I’m talking about FotoSketcher. FotoSketcher is a Free  application that will help you transform any image ... Read More »

How To Disable Automatic Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word

Tired of the automatic hyperlinking feature in Microsoft word? Well, this is  a common problem for people when they are trying to copy some article or portion of a paragraph and pasting it to Word for printing. One solution they do is they remove the underline (highlighting the text then pressing CTRL+U or through the toolbar) then changing the font ... Read More »

Common Hard Drive Problems

The most common problems originate from corruption of the master boot record, FAT, or directory. Those are soft problems which can usually be taken care of with a combination of tools like Fdisk /mbr to refresh the master boot record followed by a reboot and Norton disk doctor or Spinneret. The most common hardware problems are a bad controller, a ... Read More »

A Great Application To Easily Fix Your Registry

When was the last time you experience using your computer perform at an optimal speed? I guess you miss those times when your computer are still running at light speed. Well, the main reason why your computer is now turtle slow is because you have problems with your registry. The registry is your computer’s Windows system’s heart and soul. It ... Read More »

What is a UPS and Why Do We Need Them?

First, let me explain what is a UPS. UPS are battery backups, it stands for Uninterruptible power supply. UPS are typically used to protect computers and other other electrical equipments and appliances. A UPS is a device that is connected between your main electricity supply and your Computer . UPS  has two main functions: 1. It filters the mains supply ... Read More »

A Cool Application to Replace Windows Live Messenger

Have you ever wish there is a alternative or a replacement for the bloat Windows Live Messenger? Something that has a more simpler cleaner look, very lightweight and will also let you use your and accounts? Look no further, here is a small but cool and effective application where you can have all that messenger goodness! I share ... Read More »

How to Easily Translate Website Contents

Ever encountered a site where contents are too much for you to understand or in a different language? I myself usually stumbled into foreign sites and one of my problems is understanding it’s content or understanding a single word. Fortunately for me I found a great piece of plugin available for Firefox and Internet Explorer that can easily help me ... Read More »

Watch TV Shows on your PC for Free

Wonder how you can watch Television shows directly on your PC for free? wonder no more here is a small, lightweight application that will allow to surf and watch for over 500 channels online without worrying for any fee. I give you FreeZ Online TV. FreeZ Online TV is a small application that receives hundreds of channels worldwide. You don’t ... Read More »

How to Rip DVD using VLC

Do you know that aside from watching and playing music and videos is that you can also rip DVD movies using VLC? VLC is my favorite player, you can run almost everything and it’s very light. It can read almost any kind of video and audio format. See it’s full feature here. If you don’t have VLC yet then you ... Read More »

Make your XP run faster by disabling unneeded services

Did you know that you can still be able to squeeze out some more performance power just by simply disabling unneeded services on your Windows XP? Some people are asking me why am I still giving tips for Windows XP when there is Vista and the upcoming Windows 7, the quick answer is “I love XP” and there are still ... Read More »