How to Easily Know What’s Inside Your Computer

Do you wonder how you can easily extract all information about your computer components?  Last april I shared to you a small utility that gives you every information you need to know about your computer including your CPU, motherboard, memory and system. Today I will share to you another small professional tool that will allow you to easily get detailed ... Read More »

How To Speed Up Disk Access by Disabling Windows XP Last Access Updating

Do you know that you can speed up disk access in Windows XP by simply disabling the Last Access Updating? Windows XP updates files with the last access update time when they are opened by any application. This feature for me is not entirely useful. Disabling this will not also affect any applications from running smoothly instead this will help ... Read More »

Why Static Electricity Can Kill Your PC

There are electronics that are highly sensitive to static electricity; computers and laptops are one of them. Try rubbing a balloon in your hair and then stick it to the wall. You will notice that it will stick to the wall. This is due to the massive build up of charges around the rubbed part of the balloon, producing a ... Read More »

What is Downloading, Uploading, Installing and Uninstalling

Downloading, Uploading, Installing and Uninstalling are the most popular and most used word in the computer and cyber world. I know that most of us especially tech geeks and even intermediate users know the meaning of those terms. But there are users that are still confuse on many of the computer terms especially on those 4 terms. To enlighten the ... Read More »

How To Remove Duplicate or Incorrect Entry on XP Boot Menu

My college friend called me asking for some advice about the computer she inherited from his brother. She said that whenever she boots she is presented with two boot options. She was annoyed that she doesn’t have a choice but to hit the enter key or wait 30 seconds to open Windows. This issue has two ways to resolved one ... Read More »

How to Change The Default Location For Installing Applications

When you install a certain software or game it normally installs them to the default location of installed programs which is C:\Program Files. Most application installer gives you the option to change the location where you will place the software, but some applications don’t give you the luxury to do that. You may want to change the program installer location ... Read More »

How to Remove Recycle Bin Icon on Desktop

If you don’t use your Recycle bin to store deleted windows files then you might want to remove it from your desktop. Here is a quick trick to remove it. This trick involves registry editing so I highly suggest that you make a backup first on your registry before proceeding with the steps below. 1. Click on Start –> Run ... Read More »

How to Easily Clean IE7 Browsing History

A friend of mine who is also a fan of Internet Explorer ask if there is a way he can easily remove or clean up his IE7’s browsing history. I told him that he can use a cleaning software like ccleaner to cleanup his computer, but he said that what he wants is to just clean only Internet Explorer 7 ... Read More »

How to Run Multiple Rediff Bol Account

One of my regular blog reader ask if it’s possible to run multiple intances of Rediff Bol messenger. Rediff Bol  is a messenger from India that has similar functionalities as Yahoo Messenger and Gtalk. I’ve downloaded different versions of Rediff to try and test if it’s really possible luckily I found the way to run multiple accounts of Rediff on ... Read More »

How To Effectively Clean Your Keyboard

As we all know keyboard is  one of the integral peripherals  of your computer. Take care of it as much as you take care of the other parts of your computer, besides how can you work efficiently or do the things you love on your computer without a keyboard?. Here is a quick guide on how you can effectively clean ... Read More »